“Metaphora” It’s the first work composed entirely in English.

This project aims to be an immersive experience devised from real themes: investigating the individual and collective unconscious, and considering how many of the things that are happening today resonate with us. 


Starting from the premise that nothing can be taken for granted and everything is constantly changing, Fins demà o la propera metamorfosi marks a new cycle in the trajectory of Guiem Soldevila, giving way to a personal language where music expands from from pop to classical, from folk to electronic or rock to acoustic sensitivity.

This is not so much an album of a singer-songwriter as a restless musician who, beyond labels, sings, arranges and produces songs that tell us about inevitable twists, doubts, miracles, veils or daffodils that we all carry inside.

Recorded between France, Barcelona and Menorca, Fins demà o la propera metamorfosi has a great team of renowned musicians and collaborations within the Catalan scene such as Gemma Humet or Cece Giannotti that will make the live experience musically intense and visually well cared for.

+ Credits

All songs lyrics and music by Guiem Soldevila (except “Insula Mundi” and “Dona legit una carta vora la finestra oberta” with lyrics by Ponç Pons).
Voices and guitars have been recorded at MC Studio by Mathias Chaumet at El Auvergne (France).
The drums in the studio “La Atlántida” by Mario Patinyo (Barcelona).
The violins, cellos and the voices and guitars of “Fins demà” and “Insula Mundi” at the Forte-Music Bcn studio by Miguel Angel Forteza-Rey (Barcelona).
The bass, percussions and some choirs at the Acoustic Menorca Studio by Fel Casasnovas (Ciutadella de Menorca).

Produced by Guiem Soldevila.
Mixed by Mathias Chaumet to MC Studios (France).
Mastered by Yves Roussel (Barcelona).
Design and photography by Ivan Ivanovich.
Edit and distribute Satelite K (Barcelona).

+ Musicians

Guiem Soldevila: voice, guitars, piano, keyboards, charango, banjo, rhythm programming.
Miquel Casals: choirs, acoustic guitars.
Violant Menorca: violins and choirs.
Pau Cardona: cellos.
David Gómez: drums and percussion.
Lluís Gener: bass and electric double bass.
Jordi Cantos: handpan.
Moisés Pelegrí: percussions.
Martí Genestar: electric guitar.
Gemma Humet: voice.
Cece Giannotti: voice.


Amoramort is GuiemSoldevila’s third album.

His music is both intimate and fresh, with songs such as “La lluna sortirà després del sol” [The moon will rise after the sun], based on an African poem; “Gran buit” [Big emptiness] written by Soldevila, together with versions of songs by poets such as Màrius Torres, Konstandinos Kavafis, Sònia Moll and Mònica Grau. It is an album full of variety, where every song is a short journey, a unique universe.

Amoramort stands for contrasts, polarities –light and dark, life and death, masculine and feminine. It features more guitars, percussion, effects and string instruments than previous albums, while not forgetting intimate moments where a lone voice is accompanied by a piano.

+ Credits

Guiem Soldevila: vocals, piano, guitars, lute, bouzouki, citarina, lyre, percussion, drums.
Lluís Gener: double bass and bass guitar.
Violant Menorca: violin and vocals.
Moisès Pelegrí: percussion.
Pau Marquès: cello.
Martí Genestar: guitar on “Escriu-me”.
Ablaye Seck: djembe on “La lluna sortirà després del sol”.
Annabel Villalonga, Anna Ferrer, Pilar Timoner, Júlia Ligero, Mar Mascaró, Eva Carreras, Elena Riera, Sara Forner, Aina Fortuny: vocals on “La lluna sortirà després del sol”.

Produced by: Guiem Soldevila.
Mixed by: Guiem Soldevila and Lluís Gener.
Mastering: Fel Casanovas.
Graphic design: Estudi Grafema.


Nura is Guiem Soldevila’s second album, based on the long poem by Ponç Pons of the same name.

It is a longing treatise turned into song that evokes a mythic-paradisiacal Minorca, the ancient “Nura” where the poet lived during his childhood.

Nura is a universal poem, where current topics of media interest are interwoven through Pons’ unique lattice, with reflections and poetic images on film, philosophy, literature, religion and so on, to which Guiem Soldevila sets music and voice, going into the poetry and capturing the meaning of the words through his compositions.

+ Credits

Guiem Soldevila: voice, vocals, piano, guitars, lute, percussion and drums.
Lluís Gener: double bass and bass guitar.
Violant Menorca: violin and vocals.
Vocals in “Teoria de l’absència”: Maria Àngels Gornés.

Cover art: “Favàritx”, by Pacífic Camps.
Photographs: Marc Allès.
Graphic design: Tomàs Orell.
Produced and mixed by: Guiem Soldevila.
Mastering: Fel Casasnovas.