Guiem Soldevila music (1)

My name is Guiem Soldevila and I am a musician, singer, and composer. 

Here is where you will find information about what I have done in the past and what I have planned for the future. 

I had an early start in music, being born into a musical family in Ciutadella, Menorca in 1980. By the age of nine, I was already playing the guitar and the piano and singing. My mother, who is a singer-songwriter, was a particularly strong influence on me in those early years.  

At a time when I was ready to get more serious, I was lucky enough to connect with other people who had a similar passion for music, leading me to the formation of my first band Manners. In the early 2000s, I studied at the Aula de Música Moderna in Barcelona, where I also played in various bands and produced records for other artists.

In 2008, I composed and recorded the instrumental suite “Elements en essència” for the dancer Geliah, bringing together a group of musicians to produce a kind of oriental-fusion-dance mix. This was followed by my first album “Orígens,” which I also performed live.

But it was in 2011, during the recording of my second album “Nura,” that my future path as a songwriter became clear to me. “Nura” is original music which I composed to accompany a collection poems by Ponç Pons, a Menorquín poet with whom I have collaborated several times since. The album received very good reviews in the art world. 

In 2014, I continued the music-poetry symbiosis with my album “Amoramort,” which gave me another opportunity to tour extensively and provided a natural transition to my next album, “Fins demà o la propera metamorfosi” in 2018. This was a more direct work, featuring my own lyrics, as well as collaborations with the songwriters Gemma Humet and Cece Giannotti. I was fortunate enough to perform the album live on stages in Spain and the U.K.

When I am not performing live, I compose music for documentaries and audio-visuals, as well as for poetry and dance recitals.

In 2020, I recorded my first work with lyrics written entirely in English, “Metaphora.” The goal of this project was to create an immersive experience, based around metaphysical themes that are of great interest to me: the investigation of the individual and the collective unconscious, and a reflection upon how many of today’s current events resonate with us.